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Media April 20, 2010

April 20 2010

Four hundred thousand students educated on good oral hygiene habits over a ten year period. Brush-a-mania of Don Mills Rotary Club a great success.

On Friday the 9th of April, Rotary club of Toronto Don Mills celebrated its tenth annual Brush-a-mania programme. In this programme geared to educate young children on good oral hygiene practices, a qualified dentist demonstrates good oral hygiene habits to children in schools. This year one hundred schools in Ontario and thirty thousand students participated in this innovative of programme of the Rotary Club of Toronto Don Mills bringing the ten year total to four hundred thousand students.

The main event was held at the George P. Mackie School in Toronto where Hon. Margarett Best, Minister of Health Promotion and MPP Scarborough – Guildwood was the guest of honour.

District Governor Doug Byer and Dr. Ira Kirsten, president of the Ontario Dental Association participated in this event. The school’s Athletic Council took a lead role in organizing the event with attractive displays of the Brush-a-mania posters and other promotional material.

Minister Best spoke to the young students in her own inimitable way and advocated good oral hygiene habits by prompting them with the help of two tooth brushes.

DG Byers was very effective in his appeal to the students to learn and to practice good habits from a young age. Also, he advocated to the students and the school principal Rotary’s “Earlyact” programme.

Dr. Raffy Choulijan, a long term member of the Don Mills Rotary and its Co-President was the main innovator of the programme and took a lead role this year as well in promoting this programme.

Don Mills Rotary had the support of a number of sponsors for this innovative programme and the club has active plans to promote the programme both nationally across Canada and internationally.