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Winners of Brushamania

Date: August 7, 2014 Author: Grace Middleton Categories: Uncategorized

Here are the names of the children who won the Brushamania 2015.

Victoria – Hillcrest JR PS (Grand prize winner)

Olivia – Bayview Public School

Abram – Beverly P.S

Cindy – Briddlewood Jr. Public School

Mary – Briddlewood Jr. Public School

William – Briddlewood Jr. Public School

Sara –  Briddlewood Jr. Public School

Abigail – Briddlewood Jr. Public School

Alex – Briddlewood Jr. Public School

Madison – Briddlewood Jr. Public School

Jahsiah – Brimwood Blvd Jr PS

Kaleel – Brimwood Blvd Jr PS

Aidan – C.D. Farquharson Jr. Public School

Arianna – Christian Island Elementary School

Erica – Christian Island Elementary School

Deserae – Christian Island Elementary School

Bushra – Chuchill Height Public School

Fatima – Chuchill Height Public School

Elizabeth Rose – Churchill Heights Public School

Natalie – Churchill Heights Public School

Ruzan – Crescent Town Elementary School

Zahan – Crescent Town Elementary School

Leroy – Earl Beatty

Thomas – Elgin St Public School

Eric – Elgin St Public School

Zahra – Fraser Mustard Learning Academy

Ayra – Fraser Mustered early learning academe, Thorncliffe Park Drive

Jacob – Goodwood Public School

Ethan – Leslie Park Public School

Lucas – Leslie Park Public School

Amaya-Rose – Lucy Maud Montgomery

Isiah – Perth Avenue P.S.

Isaac – Selby Public School

Julian – St Conrad Catholic Elementary-JK

Jeremy – St Conrad’s

Gabriella – St. Conrad Catholic School

Ethan – St. Mary Catholic School

Nickolas – St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary School

Nyah Felix – St.Conrad

Lucas – St.Conrad Catholic School

Derwin – St.Thomas More Catholic School

Syed – Thorncliffe Park Public School

Inshirah – Thorncliffe Park Public School Toronto

Dylan – Uxbridge Public School

Hunter – Uxbridge Public School

Mackenzie – Uxbridge Public School

Ollie – Uxbridge Public School

Finn – Uxbridge Public School

Stefano – St. Conrad Catholic Elementary School

Antonio – St. Conrad Catholic Elementary School






Brushamania 2014 Winners

Here are the photos of those 2 brothers who won the Brushamania 2014. Finn and Ollie are both from Uxbridge public school. Congratulations! We hope you like the tablet!


Ms. Jacobson, Finn (SK), and Ollie (JK)

Ms. Jacobson, Finn (SK), and Ollie (JK)

brushamania winners