Toronto dentists must register online and recruit a school in your community. You may use the School Registration PDF to recruit a school. The school must also register online. To locate a school near you, search the TDSB or TCDSB web sites.  Both schools boards support the Brush-a-mania program.

Dentists outside the City of Toronto must register online, recruit a school in your community (You may use the School Registration PDF to recruit a school.), arrange financing and invite your local Rotary Club to participate in the school presentation if they wish.  Contact your local Dental Society representative for assistance. Discuss with your school a date and time for your presentation(s). 

A template script for your presentation is provided.  All of the supplies required to run the program will be shipped directly to each school after the March break.  Any school in Canada may participate.



Brush-a-mania is a not-for-profit program designed to promote oral health and awareness among young children from Junior Kindergarten to grade 6. It was started in 2001 by the Scarborough Rotary Passport Club and has already reached over a million students. Our purpose is to educate and motivate children and to bring together dentists, Rotarians, teachers and parents to create a celebration around proper dental care.



Each participating school will hold an assembly during the month of April, where a dentist and a Rotarian will come into the school and provide the children with an interactive, entertaining presentation in proper dental care. Each assembly will conclude with a Brush-off, where all participants brush their teeth simultaneously for two minutes.  (Participation in the Brush-off is at the discretion of the Principal.)  Schools may contact their assigned dentist to arrange in-class visits.



The students track their brushes for the entire month of April in the classroom and at home online. Each student receives a Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste, a Brush-a-mania instruction pamphlet, as well as, a Brush-a-mania sticker. When the students complete the online program, they will be able to print out a Brush-a-mania certificate of achievement.  His or her name may be entered into a draw to win a Nintendo Switch or one of fifty Android tablets.


Friday, April 5, 2024 will be proclaimed Oral Health Day by Mayor Olivia Chow. We would like to encourage other municipalities to also declare this day Oral Health Day in their community. We are recommending that as many school assemblies as possible be held on Friday, April 5, 2024 at 10 am to coordinate the Brush-off across Canada.


All supplies required to run the program will be delivered to participating schools the week of March 18, 2024.


There is no cost for City of Toronto schools. The Scarborough Rotary Passport Club fundraises every year to support these schools. For schools outside the City of Toronto, all supplies necessary to run the program may be purchased for $1 per student. (Includes delivery to the school.)

You may wish to contact your local Dental Society representative.  The Ontario Dental Association provides grants of up to $1,500 to its component societies for Oral Health Month programs such as Brush-a-mania.  Or you may wish to approach local sponsors.  If one of your contacts sponsors Brush-a-mania, those funds could be used to fund your local schools.


You may search the Rotary International database for a Rotary Club in your community. 


As schools register for Brush-a-mania 2024, they will be added to our List of Registered Schools. (Online registration concludes Friday, March 1, 2024 for schools. After March 1, please contact Jennifer at to confirm if we have enough supplies for your school.) 

Click on the link below to view the List of Schools Registered for Brush-a-mania 2024. This list will be updated regularly with all of the information you will require: School name; address; telephone number; number of students; assigned dentist; assigned Rotarian; etc.


Register for Brush-a-mania 2024.  (Online registration concludes Friday, March 1, 2024 for schools. After March 1, please contact Jennifer at to confirm if we have enough supplies for your school.)  For more information, contact your local Dental Society representative.

If you would like to work on one of our committees, please contact Dr. Raffy Chouljian at


Thank you so much for promoting

good oral health.


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